Архив за день: 10.06.2015

Назальный глюкагон

Для купирования гипогликемии у детей, страдающих сахарным диабетом 1 типа, разработан глюкагон в форме назального спрея.

Intramuscular glucagon (IM) is the only currently available treatment for severe hypoglycemia outside of the hospital setting. Unlike current IM emergency kits, needle-free dry-powder intranasal glucagon (IN) does not require reconstitution prior to administration. In this study, the efficacy and safety of a novel IN product in 45 youth with T1D was evaluated at 7 centers participating in the T1D Exchange (Table). The two youngest cohorts (4-<8; 8-<12 yrs) were randomized to one IM or two IN administrations, which were double-blinded (with random order of 2mg IN during one and 3mg IN during the other); those 12-<17 yrs received in a randomly assigned order, 1mg IM at one session and 3mg IN at another session. Glucagon was administered 5 min after blood glucose was lowered to <80 mg/dL. A sharp rise in glucose was observed in all age groups following either IM or IN dosing (Table). An increase in glucose ≥25 mg/dL within 20 min of treatment was observed in all but one IN participant (who immediately blew his nose following his 2-mg dosage). Nausea (with or without vomiting) occurred with 67% of IM sessions v.s 42% of IN sessions (P=0.06). These data support the efficacy and safety of a novel glucagon nasal powder delivery system for treatment of hypoglycemia in youth with T1D.